Is it a major setback if I look younger than I actually am?


I look a bit young for my age. I think it's not my final state yet, and I believe I could still change for the better, or at least I hope so. It's shameful to admit, but my face just gives me a slightly feminine vibe (mainly my skin seems almost too clear), and it's really unsettling and hurts confidence.

However, I need to make a move soon, or decide to just forget about it. No time to waste. So, how much of an issue is this, looking somewhat younger than I am?

I realize this is subjective, but what do you think?


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  • Hey. What move are you planning on making? When young it definitely sucks being called a teeny bopper. But when you get older and everyone is losing their youth, that's when you reap your genetic reward. Trust me, it's always better in the long haul.

    • Got a fairly quiet girl at my high school, never done this before, getting tired of not having the experience, so I decided to give it a shot.

      Been obsessing over whether or not it's worth it for the past three weeks, so I need to decide.

      Well, I damn well better have some kind of genetic reward in the future, or I'll have to curse God forever and ever!

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    • Good luck. haha least scary.

    • Suppose you could say "most unscary", but that does not sound right at all, no! Not even to a foreigner!

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  • Not a major setback. Without facial hair, I look like I'm 15 or so, but I don't think it does much harm


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  • maybe try to bulk up a bit, now's a good age to get into a good fitness routine and it'll give you a more manly and less boyish physique

    • I agree, I am working on that ATM. Thanks for the response by the way!

      However, my physique is not what I am worried about. My face, however... I can't get over how feminine it looks. Maybe I'm obsessing over it, but I need to know if younger looking guys still have a chance out there before I make a complete fool of myself.

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    • Honestly so many women love baby faces, work it

    • I sure hope so. Don't got much of a choice, I'd say. Either it works or it doesn't.

  • You're handsome just the way u are ams no worries it's smth normal

    • Well, I'll thank the heavens above if you're right! I suppose I'll see what time brings!

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    • Take your time

    • If you still wish to see the edgy nihilistic cynic that is me, I will need to ask you for an email address, a facebook profile or something like that, because I cannot send PMs on this site yet. Not enough experience or something.

      I have not had the courage to throw my picture out there lately, but I have it now.

  • I still look 16... Lookin younger is good, when you're 50 you'll still be pulling bitches in their 20s 😂


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