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... that had two guys inside. One was like me (see profile) and the other was a fairly built/ripped guy who was 'charming' and 'macho' (ie. player). Who would you be more naturally attracted to? Please be honest.

The above is the scenario with my roommate/friend and I. Whenever girls come to the house, they always seem to like me and tell me I'm cute etc, but it somehow seems as though they feel more comfortable and flirty around my friend. The girl ends up sleeping with him. They always seem 'friendly' with me, but not actually attracted to me in that they don't want to sleep with me. It is VERY frustrating. Over time I have come to feel very unattractive and undesirable. People always say that the right one will come along etc. but I'm 22 and have had very little experience with girls, despite being "such a nice, great guy". I'm sick of it.

Please provide your thoughts on what might be wrong, what I can do to fix it, and how I can be more desirable to woman.

Thanks very much!


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  • Shave your head, loose the sunglasses on top of you head. Stop smiling so much. Be a bit rude and act like you do not notice the girls. Act like you don't give a sh*t. Brake rules. Be a bad guy. If you want to kiss a girl than maybe later in the evening when SHE sits next to you (make sure she is the one that approaches you) then just grab her look deep into her eyes and stand close and if you feel like she is up for it then just kiss her. Then when you have done that just walk away and start talking to your friends. Then she will want you more.


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  • aww your not unattractive. he just has more confidece and seems like an easier guy to get some with. girls probably think of you as the relationship type :)

    i'd probably be more attracted to you but to be honest if I just wanted to get some action I would sleep with your roomy. its nothing against you :)

  • if you are too nice and try to use your niceness to please others in exchange for affection and approval, then yes you will come off too nice which isn't really attractive. you can be polite and socially courteous without being too nice. if a guy wants a girl then stop trying to be her friend and let it be known that you want her


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