My girlfriend wear low-necked?

my girlfriend start to wear a lot of low-necked clothes and i don't like that because i don't wanna guys to see her. So what do u think? i don't know what to think or what to do


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  • Guys check out nice things, you should be not disturbed, but honored by your girlfriend. Have a proud pose "Yes, she is my girlfriend!". Don't overlook cultural standards, but otherwise you should be just OK with it.

  • Let her wear whatever she wants.. My boyfriend low key doesn't like it but has never said anything because of he does he knows that I won't be too happy.. People can look but can't touch. So just let her wear what she wants...

  • I went through this with my guy because he didn't like other guys looking at me and said that low cut shirts drew too much attention. Have you talked to her about it? I would be honest and tell her that you don't like guys staring at her chest and see if she would consider wearing less revealing clothes. After my guy stated his concerns I didn't completely stop wearing them, but if I knew we were going to a party or bar (somewhere with lots of guys looking to pick up girls) I refrained from wearing low tops out of respect to my guy.

    • yes i talked to her and she didn't want to stop

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    • I understand where she is coming from too, as a woman it makes us feel good when we know we look good. I guess I would just let it go because you don't want to push the issue to the point where it ruins the relationship.

    • i think you'r right thanks

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