Girls, Would you prefer shaved/ closely trimmed men but that gets prickly stubbly?

Yes, Shaved/ closely trimmed male body does seems cleaner hygeinic and nicer to look at.
But the other side is that since male body hair is really coarse and esp when the man is a super hairy man his hair is much dense dark coarse and he easily gets prickly stubbly regrowth that's bit uneasy to touch and cuddle with esp for a naked woman.

While lots of hairs everywhere IS obviously soft and nicer to touch , but yeah it does look messy beastly ugly and unhygienic.

So, which one is better for YOU?
Girls please answer this question itself please answer this question honestly


Most Helpful Girl

  • Having a bare body were our bodies can smootly glide against each other is a treat. But don't shave as being prickly is no fun! Instead if you care to be bare, wax or use a depilatory cream. But most ladies including myself like a guy that is well groomed and trimmed to have their chest and body hair to a moderation so no need for totally bare but a carpet/rug is a no no too lol - a tiger line is a 👌.

    • Depilatory creams do not leave behind prickly stubble as does closely trimmed leaves?

    • With the men I've been with in the past, it's similar to them waxing. Their hair grows back faster (since the hair isn't being eliminated right at the follicles, however it doesn't grow back rough and prickly as it does when one shaves. But keep in mind all people have different hair types.

    • Yeahhhh... Unfortunately

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