How to prevent wrinkles?

Yup, any advice (:?

I'd like to start at a young age, aka 18 x)...since I've noticed recently that I'm getting some wrinkles, from laughing I guess, around the eyes (:

And I'd really like to prevent them now, then later when it has 0 to no effect :P


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  • hey you can use the anti-aging stuff from the shops ORR you can go the natural route which is WAY better ;)

    wet a flannel and put it in the freezer and take it out, at night after you wash ur face or in the morning before you put on ur makeup, and wet it and use it on ur face. its cold and nasty but it closes all ur pours preventing wrinkles and keeping ur skin youthfull. also make sure you use sunscreen as the sun ages ur skin worse than anything. use moisturisers and eat LOTS of fruit, make sure its seasonal though. like watermellons in summer ect, that way, ull also be getting fruit and veg from a local area rather than imported stuff. try to get stuff that's got less chemicals in it nd stuff. and also the MOST importent thing, srsly the MOST important thing is water, and lost of it. the more water, the better. you can use all the moisturisers you want but its gonna do zilch if ur not drinking water. try for 2L a day. I can promise you this works because my grandmother has friends that do this and they seriously look 20 years younger than they are


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  • Avoid sunlight, use sunscreen, wear hats etc to cover your face.

    The natural look is coming back in anyway no more of the botox just makes things worse..


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  • wash your face and the biggest thing you should always do without exception = moisturize!

  • drink losttta water