Are denser beards better?

I notice a lot of beards consist of a small or medium sized patch at the chin, while others run all the way from the side burns. Mine runs from the side burns all the way covering the chin and underneath it. It's also really dense. I maintain it trimmed at 6 o clock shadow length


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  • I only like really specific facial hair, scraggly looking beards... I just can't haha
    If a guy can have a full, well groomed beard it looks great but genetics has a lot to do with it. Something like this is 😍

    • Yeah mine would look like that if I grew it out more. But I keep mine at 6 o clock shadow. Hahaha

    • thats what i always go for :P

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  • it's genetics. I'm from Eastern Europe. I shave in the morning and by the end of the day, I don't have a 5o'clock shadow, I have a new beard.


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  • denser beards are better but have to be taken care of, beard oil helps


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