Does anybody really like bras that hook in the front?

I hate them they are harder to put on and i dont like how they make my boobs look.


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  • only wear whatever you feel comforatble in do not conform to other peoples opinions.

    • i do but i just wana no if there is something good about them or not

    • my personal opinion is no front is kinda weird cause you can't hug her while you un do it inprefer back clip (lol cominf from me this sounds funny)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I like them, but I pull the cups below my boobs to do it up, lean forward and pull the cups up so it all sits right 😊 They actually do wonders for good cleavage on me haha

    • um do you do the straps first or last? its like all weird for me like a backpack kinda when i try. lol i dont really need to make my cleaveage more

    • Straps first, but the back slides up high so the cups can go under my bust. When I lean forward to pull the cups up the back comes back down.
      I don't need cleavage, they're big enough but front clasps make it look nice without being obscene 😊 Just sits well on my body

    • thanks maybe i will try one again. i just always end up the back twisted half the time

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  • wait a minute... they make bras with hooks up front... whhaaaa! J/K. She wears the hooks in the back much easier for me to unhook. The ones in the front are harder I find it to be the spacing in between y'all boobies. (:

    • Hey thanks for the mho! I bumped into a front hook bra a week later and thought of your post (nonsexual) 😂 lol

  • I hate how my perky breasts look in those.

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    • Dude I've been there, I knew a guy who actually broke his hand in a front clasp, no joke.

    • Bro no way 😂😂😂

  • I don't understand why they don't just make Velcro bras. Easy to unhook and adjustable.

    • cause nobody that wears one is a 5 year old

What Girls Said 1

  • I hate those haha
    Impossible for me to close lol.


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