Are other people feeling sad too because of feeling ugly?

I feel really ugly, my face is asymmetrical, my nose is huge, my eyes small, my face super fat, my hairline is waay to high, my lips peel everyday, my skin sucks and besides my teeth there is really nothing i like about my body or face
what makes it even worse is that not only my friends are super beautiful but they are also friends with a girl which looks like a model, skinny, blonde, perfect skin and face and they are like "oh she's soo perfect, so beautiful, stunning, i should totally do a photoshooting with her" (because me friend was often doing photoshoots with her friends when she was younger as a hobby) which really make me feel even worse, so every time when they say how gorgeous she is it makes me think of how ugly i am but i mean we are all born the way we look, i cannot change anything without surgery, which i am definitely considering now but it's soo expensive and i am still a student :(
anyone feels the same? how do you handle that?


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  • I'm ugly AF but I don't care. looks aren't everything. don't compare yourself to her.


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  • I don't think anybody should opt for surgery to look like somebody else... just be confident... stay healthy... take good care of others... and you will be considered more beautiful than others... good luck...

  • being short makes me sad


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