Finding a new hairstyle. Had very long hair (longer as most girls) for years, but I want to change it. How should I go about finding a new hairstyle?

I've had very long hair for years now, but being cursed with a receding hairline and wanting to impress girls (just being honest), I'm thinking of changing it. If anyone's a professional, I wouldn't mind sharing a picture in private chat

The problem with long hair right now is that I think it outweighs my good qualities and girls aren't actually looking at me besides the stereotype that comes with it. I'm quite attached to it however and feel like it's part of my personality (I know that isn't right, but that's how I feel about it).

I'm also often told that I look a lot older as I actually am (mistaken for 28-30 instead of 21), that's ofcourse also because of my height (200cm 6"7) and personality, but I think my hairstyle has to do with it as well.

Some girls do seem to like it, but that appears to be a minority to me.


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  • I have always loved long hair on guys! If you like it, I say keep it and you'll definitely find someone who is into it! You won't be able to have long hair forever, so keep it while you can. You're also super young so appearing older isn't a problem yet :) it's hard to suggest different haircuts without knowing the texture of your hair and face shape, but you could try a medium/long Bradley Cooper look

  • The hairdresser can you give some advice.


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