How to seduce a man?

I would like some seductive tips to drive a man crazy and leave him wanting more! Any suggestions? And I don't mean sex tips!


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  • Just going to write a couple of pointers on things guys like:

    1) I think this is one of the most important ones : Confidence. Be super-confident, but be careful not to cross the line into arrogant.

    2) There is a way how to dress that drives men crazy. And I certainly don’t mean going slutty. This is a turn-off for most men.

    You need to find a compromise between showing and hiding your womanly qualities. It’s the right combination that makes the secret. I like women, who enhance certain body regions without actually showing anything. Steer clear of the obvious. It is very important that you actually feel sexy. And don’t forget some killer-lingerie and sexy accessories like bracelets and necklaces.

    3) Spread a little hope that the man actually has chance with you. Send him little signs of interest from time to time that make him come forward:

    Show unclenched hands

    Play with your hair or caress other objects. Push your fingers through your hair

    Pick some fluff of his jacket (even if there is none!)

    Face him directly and slightly lean forward every now and then

    Wet and bite your lips from time to time

    but again, do not overdo it.

    Experienced men can read these signs, the unexperienced, well, they feel that something’s going on.

    4) Finally, there is a final element to the seduction of a man: He must not feel seduced. He must think that he seduced you, not the other way around. Give him his victory, let him be the hero. Guys like that. It gives them a feeling of security.

    Take advantage of that, you will be getting what you want in the end anyway.

  • Did any of those suggestions work?
    I'm different it's a little more difficult to pick up hints an signs the other guy suggested. Here's more suggestions just incase u haven't made progress. If it sounds slutty once u get the guy u could explain your not an actual slut an that u do what u have to get what u want.

    1. Show cleavage

    2. Bend down to pick up something u dropped on (accident) let your booty touch his u know an if he doesn't back away means he likes it.

    3. If u wear a thong allow it to show (accidentally)

    4.Touch his leg/thigh but with this one it's difficult because a girl did it to me she didn't make it obvious enough I thought she was hitting my leg cause maybe I did something wrong but later she yells at me sayin it was flirting lol

    5. (Accidentally) text or email a hot pic naked or in lingerie apologize right away say its meant for someone else an if he doesn't respond right away means he's jerkin to your photo or trying to process what just happened lol

    6. Conversate with him more let him get to know u open up to him and ask him questions about him to it'll show u care to know more about him


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