Do these mean the same thing?

If a guys says "aww your so cute and adorable" or if guys say someone is really hot, is there any difference? beautiful,sexy,cute,adorable,hot...any meanings behind each one? I'm just curious:D


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  • i think when guys use cute and adoreable theyre just trying to say theyre attracted to you/like you in a polite way, or rather a more acceptable way so that it doesn't come off as creepy or too much you you can't just say wow you're so beautiful, because its going over the top and beautiful is meant to be said in a serious longterm relationship when you're intimate...and they won't say gorgeous because they don't want to overly boost your ego and look desperate on their part saying cute is light, mysterious, puts a smile on her face, and suggest a potential for a relationship


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  • Aww you're so cute = let's have sex

    You're really hot = let's have sex

    You're beautiful = let's have sex

    You're sexy = let's have sex

  • personally I call women beautiful, cute, pretty, adorable, etc. to be respectful, but when I'm with the guys ill call women hot and sexy


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  • Cute is not pretty. Cute is cute, you are a little sweetheart.

    Adorable is pretty much cute times two.

    Pretty is not Hot. Pretty is.. pretty, but more than cute!

    Hot is not necessarily cute or pretty.. Being "hot" could be a girl with big boobs, small waist and nice behind, but not pretty in the face. Who they will have sex with and throw away like trash once they are done.

    Sexy is pretty much the same thing as hot, except he probably has less respect for you.

    Beautiful is everything. He respects you and finds you extremely attractive. You have a pretty face and a hot body and your personality is wonderful.

    If someone calls you cute that doesn't necessarily mean that you are not pretty or hot. It all depends on the personality of the guy. Some people call girls beautiful, pretty, cute, and adorable to be more respectful vs. hot and sexy. It's always hard to tell. Guys are just different.

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