Anyone knows any hairstyles for long hair?

I'm tired of having it down with straight link - wavy link - curly link like what most girls have (It's cute and all but I want something more different and fun for certain events and school)


Something like that? (Link above) I have done most of the hairstyles in the videos that she has shown and just wondering if you all have more suggestions.. Thanks.


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  • That hairstyle you linked is supercute. Try getting a funky haircut. Mess with the layers. Just search on YouTube, "Fun easy hair styles," or something like that. You will get a ton.

    • Funky haircut? Lol

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    • What you mean by funky, how funky? Picture would help. Lol

    • Uhh.. like edgy? I don't know >_< but here is one of my favorite hairstyles Like I said, just youtube search it! there will be tons

  • Crimps and streaks can add a lot of personality!

    • Crimps looks very repelling.. Streaks are alright, I might try.. Thanks