How can I get softer feet?

I have soft skin on my face and people say that I have soft hands but my feet, well they're not smooth at all. I scrub my feet in the shower with pumice stone but that only last a couple of hours even if I sleep with petroleum jelly+socks on my feet. How can I solve this?


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  • I usually use a stone or one of those Ped Egg things out of the shower when my skin isn't wet or (and my friend showed me this) I'll use a disposable shaving razor to take off the dry skin when I'm not wet. I sleep with the fluffy socks, like the ones you get in the winter thag are really soft because they seem to retain moisture better than normal socks and I put lotion or feet-specific lotion on them beforehand and it works well

  • You could try Baby Foot

  • Feet are not meant to be perfectly soft all the time. They encounter too much friction from walking and standing. Just keep them moisturized and use your pumice stone every few days. Petroleum jelly is really not very good for your skin. Try Eucerin cream.


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