What if I meet up with you using this cloth?

I really liked that shirt, I would wear it someday. What would be your first impression on me? Could it become a fashion trend?What if I meet up with you using this cloth?

the first ones who say ME wings MHO


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  • if you like it and you like the pun, then why not. does it really matter what others opinions are, like if they dont like the shirt and they tell you, its a good conversation starter, if they dont like it and because of that dont want to hang out with you, why would you care about them not wanting to hang out with you.


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  • I like the cross but I don't understand what "deus vult" mean I guess deus is god, no? For the other words no idea.
    I would just think it's an average shirt without thinking of it too much.

    • deus vult means God wills it, in latin, that sentence was shouted by the people after Pope Urban III have just declared the 1st Crusade

    • Thanks for telling me :)

  • 😂 crusaders puns. It's awesome, go for it. Obviously likes history and is a big crusades pun

  • Not for me. I'm not Catholic. I am however a believer in Yeshua ( Jesus ) and all of the Bible.

  • ahhhhhmmmm
    I don't know

    • heey are u Swiss? have u been born at Switzerland?

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    • No I wasn't thank god for that

    • lol so why being mad if i was right? u moved to live at Switzerland then right?

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