Is this flirting (guys and girls answer please)?

OK so we were at the pool. And there was a slide and this guy was like common lets go one the slide and I was like why and he said please for me with this puppy look. Another thing he did was like talk to me a lot look at me. And then me and my other 2 friends (that are girls) asked the same guy if we were cute he said no to both of my friends and when it got to me he did not answer and just looked away. Then he had to leave and I was like thanks no goodbye and he is like sorry goodbye and I was like bye and then he was like miss you and I was like miss you to :) (is that flirting)


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  • how old are you.

    • Ummmmmm y does that matter

    • Well if you don't know then you don't know

    • Wattttttttttttt I odnt get it I don't think it matters how old I am

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  • first, there is no way in hell that you are not 10 years old. second, why do you say "like" so f***ing much? third, hellen kellar could see that's flirting.

    your stupidity is amazing.


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  • It is for sure. See if he tries to contact you or something and then you'd be sure that he likes you.

    • Yaa I found out the awnswer and yes he does like me so I'm good