Long hair, good or bad?

Good day!

I've got long hair, right? Long hair for a guy, anyway. Goes a little above my shoulders on the sides, slightly lower in the back. I try to keep it in the back to have my face visible, and to avoid making my head look strangely wide. Dark hair, almost black, wavy when I don't comb it (looks way better untamed).

However, been wondering if I should get rid of it or tie it back. Some of my lads say it looks good tied back, some say it's better left flowing, so I decided to ask here.

Once I iron out the hair (no pun intended), I think I'll look a lot better. Might even reach average status. So thanks ahead for any assistance!
Yeah, I could probably just Google this. But hey, personalized answers are always fun to read. They're more trustworthy that way. Just a mental effect.


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  • it depends a lot, up and down looks good both, its more up to if it looks good on the person, now you dont have a pic, but if it looks good on you then i'd say keep it :)

    • Oh right, I forgot pics. Maybe I should throw one in, but I'm still a tad unsure about that.

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    • I did. Conflicting opinions though. A third of them say I should tie it back, others say I should cut it, and the rest say I should keep it...

      But I only ask my male friends, but I have no female friends so there's no real other way.

      Anyway, thanks! I'll keep it for now.

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