Does anyone know a way to make hair thicker?

I have quite fine hair..i have a lot of it, but its very fine and thin. I don't like it because it can go very flat and also make me look a bit out of proportion I think. Does anyone know of any ways to increase the thickness of my hair, that you have used personally yourself?.. I don't want to waste my money. Or even any home type of remedies?

Cheers :)

Faye x


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  • Layers make it appear thicker because it gives it more dimension. They make your hair look not as flat as it would with just one length.

    Having said this time and again, I once again emphasize on the importance of healthy diet. For thick and healthy hair, you need to have an intake of a healthy and balanced diet. Try taking a balanced diet that contains nutritious food and don’t skip meals. Make sure your diet contains enough proteins and include fresh vegetables, eggs, fruits and nuts.

    Take a multi-vitamin every day. More often than not, it so happens that our body is not able to get the desired vitamins on a daily basis. A good multi vitamin that provides essential vitamins for overall development should suffice.

    Don’t wash your hair daily as it leads to breakage of hair and weakening of the roots. If you have extremely oily hair, consider washing on alternate days and minimize the use of shampoo. If the scalp is too dry, it leads to hair thinning as the naturally produced oil is essential for the hair to grow.

    Avoid brushing or combing your hair when it is wet. The more hair breaks, the less it is thickness. Let it dry naturally and untangle with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to get rid off the stubborn tangles and then comb gently.

    Massage definitely works and gently massaging the scalp with your fingertips for 10 minutes daily will ensure your hair grows thicker. This is due to the fact that massaging will promote increased blood circulation in the head that will lead to healthier and faster growth.

    Don’t treat your hair to harsh chemicals like hair color or perms and straightening solutions. This tends to deteriorate the quality of hair and makes it all the more weak and thin. So be happy with your natural hair and try to make it healthy for that gorgeous shine!

    • Oh wow thanks, I will deffinately take up on some of that advice. Do you know anything about using oilive oil on hair..or is this just a myth?

    • I don't know much about that but I did some research: While olive oil does not regrow your hair, when it is combined with other hair care maintenance routines, it certainly provides benefits your hair health. Using olive oil on your hair improves the elasticity of your hair. (less hair breakage) The use of olive oil hair treatments will condition and nourish your hair, causing it to glisten and shine. It also reduces frizz and hair static, which can also cause hair breakage.

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  • Don't wash (shampoo) regularly, massage your hairs 4 times a week with coconut oil

    and before the taking bath always massage your hairs with olive oil it's my personal used.


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  • Backcomb, hairspray and repeat ad infinitum until you get big hair..Failing that go get some extensions put in.

    • I back comb slightly when styling my hair to go out but its so bad for your breaks it. I want to increase its natural thickness. Thanks for the input though, I may buy some decent hair extensions for when I'm going out and stuff :)

  • I agree with Ellery.

    May I add that you can use coconut oil for your hair. It's only eight dollars.

    Apply it to your hair twice a week.

    - Take a bit of it though, spread it through your hair (Try to avoid the scalp a bit)

    - Wrap a warm wet towel around.

    - Leave it on for 20-30 minutes (Depending on the length of your hair)

    - Wash it off using shampoo/conditioner. I recommend Sunsilk.

    It makes your hair look thick, promotes hair growth, smooths hair out and also, it keeps your hair looking shiny, healthy..

  • Kerastase volumizing shampoo and conditioner is a wonder worker. Other than that...clip in extensions are also I great solution. I have the same type of hair and both have transformed my hair.

  • dry shampoo you can get for dark hair now with the black spray then put the hair dryer on it for a min then brush it out don't wash your hair to much in week

  • i like olive oil hot oil treatments

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