How to dress sexy for him?

I want to dress more sexy for my man. And want to flatter my best assets. Some of them are my boobs, feet. and my hair. What would be ways to accentuate this more for him?


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  • umm for your legs, you wanna make them look soft and shiney. so shave (or wax) and get some lotion great for legs you can ask a sales associate for help :D paint your toes and wear heels.

    a lot of guys like curly hair so I recommend you curl your hair. (if its long)

    if its short, straightin it.

    for your boobs go to victoria secrets and buy their padded bras or push ups

    and to finish it off buy yourself a dress

    and find one that makes you look HOT :D

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I have naturally brown curly hair. My boobs are too big to buy Victoria's secrets bras.

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    • Sounds like a idea..

    • I hate curly hair. It only looks good if you look like how Britney Spears did in the music video Crazy.

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  • I would have to say judging by your pic you don't look bad, but you do look a little older than you are. Maybe its your dress sense? I dunno, but I think you do need a little sprucing up! Anyways, here's my two cents:


    Not much help there (as a guy), but looks like you'll probably have to find some good stuff for support. Probably something like Bla Bla Bra or Triumph? (I heard these are OK for big-busted ladies).

    Dress Sense

    I believe you should find something comfortable that you feel really comfortable with and don't mind wearing - that confidence would make you look 'sexy' to your guy. Doesn't always have to be a 'plunging neckline' type dress/top, but it would help in most cases ie. V shape neckline tops/U-shaped vests and slightly tight fitting than the one in your pic. Something like a floral dress or tanktop/denim skirt/jeans would look nice on you I think.


    In Asia (where I live) there's a wide range of shoes available and I think the wicker wedge/platform thing as well as the half-leather boot is getting quite popular amongst the girls at the moment. That coupled with hotpants or miniskirts or trousers with stilettos might look good for you.


    I think for you, you're probably better off with dying your hair something like a brunette red/blonde and keeping it fairly short and straight; or cut to shoulder-length medium. Most guys I know hate frizzly hair (which you have), so I'd think it would be a good idea to change it!

    Something like this I think might suit you > link

    Apart from that, I think to look better my advice is to lose weight.

    Hope that helps.

    • Thanks for your comment. It helped out. I dislike frizzy hair myself. I have had two kids. So maybe that's what makes me look older.

  • Play to what your man likes. I'm sure you know some of his favorite outfits of yours. Put together something totally new, but that has things you know he will like. I love a pleated skit for example. Just find enough things that go together.. and make it a color you know he enjoys seeing on you. My personal thought is red.. its very hard for a girl to look bad in a hot red outfit.

  • depends on the guy. For me I like cutesy/innocent looking girls. I feel that so many girls think that dressing slutty makes them look hot, but in reality this really just turns on ghetto dudes.

    I still have a fantasy of banging a cute girl in her early 20s in schoolgirl uniform. That's me, but I know innocence is sexier than you think.

    • Same here dude. I would much rather have the cute/innocent woman like Ashley Tisdale,

      Cassadee Pope, or Valerie Poxleitner. I still have that fantasy of the schoolgirl ever since Britney Spears's first music video.

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