How to tame curly hair?

I have extreme curly hair and it's super frizzy. How do I tame it so I can wear it curly to school. by the way I straighten my hair everyday and it's a lot of work


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  • curly/wavy naturally tend to be dry. how often do you wash your hair?

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    • also, use a leave-in conditioner after you shower while your hair is towel-dried to help hold in moisture. you'll notice the difference in the morning

    • what shampoo do you use?

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  • i have exactely the same problem but ifound a solution! okay so before you go to bed you take a shower so your hair is wet and then you brush it. then you put quite some styling mousse in you hair and after that you use a technique called plopping. it's basically putting a t-shirt on your head like a turban (search for 'plopping hair' on Google for tons of video's and articles about it) and then leave the t-shirt on for the night. the next morning you can just take it off and you're ready to go. it may sound weird but it really works


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