Suit Alterations?

My best mate is getting married in September. For the wedding party they opted for the groom's men to buy a suit rather than rent a tux. I went, bought the suit, and for a JCP special it's pretty good. That being said, I'd like to get a few alterations done to help make it look better. I have a few ideas, but I'm curious what yours are.Suit Alterations?Suit Alterations?


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  • I'd have the jacket made to fit your shape better. Perhaps bring the shoulder area a little closer and bring in the waist. How are the sleeves?
    Also the pants look just a touch long. Maybe an inch hem on those. But it looks good other than that.

    • The problem is that my shoulders are actually that wide. I was a swimmer so I have a very broad chest. I agree about bringing it in in the waist just a touch. And the same with the pants. sleeve length is good. leaves just a touch of shirt cuff

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    • No extra material.

    • Sweet! well congrats on getting a inexpensive suit and have it look good!

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  • I would probably have to see it in person in order to give an honest answer. From the photos it looks fine.

    • Thanks. It does fit just fine. I'd like to take the waist of the jacket in a bit, though. I had to buy a size that would fit my shoulders. so the waist is a little baggy

    • Yup, see your point at the waist part. If alteration is not expensive, could go for it.

    • I second that

  • maybe it can be a little more fitting

  • tighten the waist


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