What do girls look for?

What do girls really look for in a man, I don't want the typical answer. What I am looking for is what women look for in their hearts when they see a man? Because everybody has defects. Just think before answering.


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  • I look for a man who is a true gentlemen, not just someone who was raised to hold doors open or stuff that, but someone who truly respects me. Someone who I can trust and be open and vulnerable with and has a similar sense of humor that I do. When men have these type of qualities someone who I didn't find attractive somehow starts to find them attractive because there character shines through.


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  • CONFIDENCE and someone who can take charge! A motivated guy is a must. Someone who has a amazing smile and is just HAPPY. Many people say they are "happy" But those who truly are it shines threw them. If they love kids that's a plus. Most important they like sex and being playful and physical!


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  • Women have also expressed that they want guys to be themselves.

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