Can you post a photo of your ideal "hot girl"?


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  • Did you notice that every guy has a different "ideal hot girl". Don't confuse the idea of one empirical beauty with individual preference. Imagine walking through an art museum. All of the paintings are all works of art... All beautiful... And all very different from each other. All beautiful nonetheless. Individual preference is different. Maybe a guy prefers big breasts or maybe he prefers smaller ones (I actually prefer a 30A - 34B, maybe a 34C). Maybe a guy prefers a woman with a glorious big butt or maybe he prefers smaller backsides. There's no such thing as an empirical beauty, that every man will agree on. I'm willing to bet you're beautiful. You just have to find a man who prefers what you've got. And there is such a man for every woman (and vice-versa). Work on being the best you, possible. If you have a great personality, a funny sense of humor, an openness to loved and giving it in return, are intelligent and educated, etc. These all contribute to the overall "package" that you represent.

    • Save the flowery speeches dude, we want to see pictures. You're allowed to have your preferences. Are you trying to win the Mr. Nice Guy of the Year award? Good luck with that strategy. Lol.

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    • @moveslikejagger It's ok. I can tell from your other posts that you're not much of a reader and probable use TLDR like WAAAYYY too much. Piss off, douche-nozzle.

    • Damn! Sensitive much? Didn't mean to hurt your feelings bro. At least I didn't resort to name calling. And I'm sure you can do better than 'douche-nozzle.' Lol.

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