Lip stick or no lip stick?

ladies we all know how annoying wearing lipstick can be am i right? lol i only wear it every now and again but I've been told it really brings out my lips. there's certain colors that are to die for and others that are just a no. so my question is do you like lipstick? lips below are mine in two different filters lolLip stick or no lip stick??Lip stick or no lip stick??


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  • i most certainly love a girl who wears lipstick. i do prefer very light pink for almost all ladies or neutral colors for everyday use and only pull out the darker colors for special occassions. plus i didn't know its a pain to wear. but it really dose offer protection from sum damage

    • lol it is of its not smear proof

    • well i thought that was a standard. for todays lipsticks. i guess they took a huge step backwards. they had smearproof lipstick during the early 80's. both my mom and sister used to talk about it all the time. a guy can learn new things. everyday

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  • I can rock a bare face. No foundation, eyebrows, mascara, or even a blush. But I always like and never forget to put a peachy color lipstick, or even a lipbalm. I just feel incomplete without it.


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