How do you get around a c*ckblocking co-worker?

I often like to flirt with female customers who come in if they're good looking and try to get their numbers. But I have a co-worker who is a 50 year-old woman who I swear hates me and whenever she sees me getting friendly with a girl she ALWAYS finds a way to butt in and ruin it for me. I swear she does it on purpose. Is there a way to get around this?


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  • Yeah, honestly, you're at your job, not at a bar. Personally, I find it inappropriate to try to get girls' numbers while you're working. Do your job, that's what you're being paid for. Also, I could see it being uncomfortable if I go into a place of business to.. do business, and the person who is supposed to be assisting me is trying to hit on me. I went there to do whatever it is that your company provides, not to look for a date.

    • Guys are always hitting on women, like it or not. He didn't say what kind of a job it was. I worked in sales for a long time and guys were always trying it on with all of the sales women and the sales guys flirted to get business, fact. As for someone hitting on you when your doing business, take it as a compliment. If you don't take every opportunity as it comes how do you meet people.

    • Well, personally, I've never dated a client. I used to work in retail in a women's clothing store, so most of the time men who came in were with their wives or girlfriends. Now I work as a nurse, where it would be extremely unprofessional to date a client (and I could lose my job). That being said, I've never had a problem meeting people elsewhere. And personally, if you're "flirting to get business", I see that as unethical because you are leading someone on for your own personal gain.

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  • Next time she does this wink at the girl you're flirty with and say I think she's jealous. Hopefully this will work in a double for you (if delivered properly) by making your co-worker embarrassed and the girl laugh

    • Could backfire if the intruding woman is your boss... lol >.<

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  • maybe she wants you to do your job better and not use your work to flirt with women. Where do you work where it's ok to flirt with women all the time.

    • I don't do it all the time. and she has no room to talk about wanting me to do my job better since she's always on the border of being fired herself.