Is it right for attraction?

like if a man with 200 cm height is compared to 187cm height man the 200cm man will be considered more attractive by the majority i know its a weird question but i am just curious


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  • I'm sure many women will agree that 2m has pushed the line of "too tall"...

    • But like i have heard taller the better and i am not tall enough i am only 187 cm

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    • I have never heard a girl say that, I have only heard that they want a guy taller than them in heels, for which most guys qualify. And if you get rejected, it surely isn't about your height (unless the average women where you are from is 185cm tall).
      Even my desk mate can manage to find a girl to date and he is a gamer (you know the stereotypical ones who sit almost all day long playing LoL) and also 165cm.
      Height is nice, but we aren't as shallow about it as the internet wants to portray us.

    • Ok fair enough actually i have also like saw this on the internet like in real life i have seen couples of same height with hot girls and thank you very much for the reply

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  • I believe what you're asking is, should height matter toward attraction. My answer, no. Some it's a bit of a stigma now that when you're dating, the girl has to be shorter and the boy has to be taller. It could also be traced back through evolution, because a taller man seems like they would be stronger and more able to protect their child

    • yeah you are right but i have seen girl saying taller the better or they like guys who tower over them like if they are 5"6 they want 6"6

    • Most people will call that shallow (which it very much is) but it's just an unfortunate thing that has developed from. something. I personally think personality paired with attraction, but they may not think that

    • Yeah i think so too thanks for the reply

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