What type of fashion styles do WOMEN like in men?

I know it depends on the male, and the taste's of various females, but what do women like to see men in? What specific style(s) do women like? What are a couple traits that most women share in common when they see a certain style on a man? I mean there has to be one thing!

For example, I know most men like women that wear make-up and wear tight pants!



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  • I'm not really into stylish guys or whatever. I like guys in casual wear. I like seeing guys in Khaki cargo shorts with a polo. Surprisingly, I find guys quite attractive when they wear plain white or black v-neck tees with jeans. It the simplest thing, but I love it. hah.

    I just don't like it when guys wear flip flops. Unless they're going to the beach, then I understand... But, if they're in class with flips flops? I don't know. It bothers me. hah.

    Oh, and a guy dressed up in slacks and a nice collared, button-down shirt rarely ever disappoints. hah.

    • Why don't you like stylish dudes ?

    • I love stylish guys.

    • Well, its not that I don't like them. I kinda don't really care. I've just noticed that I'm more attracted to guys in casual clothing rather than stylish guys. Honestly, as long as the guy is comfortable in what he's wearing is fine with me.

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  • You can have your own style, just as long as you look like you put some actual thought into your outfit. It HAS to match, haha. I tend to like guys who dress classy and preppy (but not the crazy colors, just the style). I LOVE how Zac Efron dresses.

  • To me as long as the guy is funny and sweet he could be wearing a penguin suit for all I care. but if I HAD to choose probably denim jeans with a t shirt and a favorite football team hat

  • guys that wear like baskettball shorts and t-shirts, men who dress nice out, or emos... I really could go anyway:)

  • i like guys who dress nice. like don't look like a slob and try to match.

    jeans are fine . (infact I love guys in skinny jeans. but not to tight! that's the trick)

    smart casual I guess you could say.


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