Where can I find Minicci beanie winter series 2015?

so i lost my friend's beanie, I've been searching everywhere but it's nowhere to he found. im so confused since i never ever used it myself cuz i don't use thing that's not mine. it was just like puff... gone.
i just moved to a new house last week hoping it's found when i packed or unpacked my stuff, but it wasn't there. I've searched it in my old house, no result.
now im thinking of returning it with a new one, but i can't find the same hat at Payless store nor on the Internet.
do you know where i can buy the same hat? please let me know. thanks!
i attach the picture, my friend's hat is grey.

ps: i borrowed it for costume in my drama performance, basically i wasn't the one who wore it, but i was one responsible.where can i find Minicci beanie winter series 2015??


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  • A quick Google search yielded no results, which means you're pretty much out of luck. Have you told your friend the situation? I'd recommend doing that, and working out a solution between the two of you. So long as there wasn't immense sentimental attachment to it, and your friend is willing to be reasonable, things should be fine. Shit happens, life moves on.

    • yep nothing i found on google.
      I did, and she still hopes i can find it. so I told her if i couldn't find it anywhere I'd buy her new one, yet she still wants me to search it. while im here, have no idea where it is, where it's gone. I don't know how to explain more to her.

  • You should be able to find it on frosthats. com


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