What do you like to wear in summer? 🌞🌞?

I personally like wear men tank top and shorts. I can't bear the heat lol


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  • How does anyone wear anything comfortable in summer, over here it's been like 30-40C + with at least 70%+ humidity, at least where I've been around during summer. I'll just wear shorts or boxers, that's it. But if I'm heading out I'll put on a shirt only if I have to. If it's like just down to get something or put something out then I don't bother since there aren't many people and most of them where I live have seen me without clothes already lol

    • wow. there's around 40% humidity here. it's hard without cool breeze

    • Jeez that's sounds great haha, compared to what it's been like here before at least. Right now it's autumn/winter so it's not too bad, a little chilly in the morning though.
      Summer here just fucks us with no wind sometimes, the asphalt on the road even starts melting at some points

    • Thanks for MHO!

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