What tattoo you planning to get?

Where is the best spot for tattoo? and if could get one what would it be?
That's the one i would like to get nice or Nah? What tattoo you planning to get??


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  • Look nice!
    Looking at my age I think it's clear to say I won't be getting any tattoos at this time but when I turn 18 I'm thinking of getting a dandelion clock on my wrist and Bow Wow's face on my thigh 😂 I love him lol


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  • In my opinion the best place for a tatto is on below the right shoulder... you should get a tatto of something meaningful in your life... if you put something random that looks cool you may regret it later

    • May regret because of ISIS things this days etc but i love the weapon tattoo because i play my entire life a game called csgo and is all about fighting with weapons etc so i really love it 😅

    • I play csgo too... so that's the reason... just don't get a P90 tatto... everyone will hate you

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