Why do skinny jeans/jeggins & leggings only look good on the skinniest of women?

Ok I understand this is purely my own opinion but really some women should look in the mirror before they leave the house. I'm not really a fan of the skinny jeans jeggins or leggings period but I feel skinny women are the only ones that can pull them off. If you want to show off the shape of your legs wear a dress or a skirt or some shorts. If you want to wear jeans I'd rather see you in some boot cut of flare Jean if you want to wear something comfy try some yoga pants. That's all I have to say about that.


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  • When I was skinnier I would refuse to wear anything tight because I hated how I looked in them and how thin they made my legs appear. I feel like skinny jeans look good on curvier women too , I dont think only super thin women can pull off skinny jeans.


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  • they dont

  • it's not the clothes, it's the unhealthy weight that makes them fugly

    • As I said I don't care for them on skinny women I just don't think they look good.

  • Because overweight/obese people don't even have legs that actually resemble legs.


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