What do girls look for in a guy?

I just want to know what do girls look for?


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  • I honestly don't care about looks. To me, what is good looking morphs into the latest guy who intrigues me. Example, I was never into asian dudes, or guys with beards. And, then I met 'James' he was everything I thought I wouldn't fall for: Quiet, calculating, Asian (lol), and he had a goatee. And now I find myself attracted to these kind of guys. What I'm trying to say here, is that don't try to mold yourself into what others find attractive chances are they don't know it themselves. Just have good overall personality: respectful, interesting, compelling, etc...

    Women really don't know what they're attracted to until they meet the guy who breaks all their ideas of the 'perfect' guy.

  • Personality!:





    -good at heart


    -A least average in body and face. (Like you don't have to look like a god but also you can't look like a troll)

    -tall than me (above 5'9)

    -great hair

    Those are just a few


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