Bought my First ever Rolex! Girls? What do u think about the everrose?

Hey guys! Couple weeks ago I bought my Rolex Daytona! Everrose gold... Now.. I'm a guy with a decent collection of accessories.. all pretty good.. but this watch It's a beauty ofcourse! But the thing is i have a doubt somehow.. that girl's don't want a guy to have something of this colour.. due to which i wasn't upto the feel when Buying this everrose.. provided that i did buy it.. now tell me what u think?


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  • it looks nice, waste of money though. No one needs to spend that amount of money on a watch.

    • I knew the waste of money stuff... But since a long time ago.. I was wasting tons of money on all the crappy replica watches! Tags breitlings and God knows how many... Until when I decided shits enough.. im done.. so I did it.. worth it tbh if u ask me.. once in a life time makes it decently spent.

  • I think it would look nice.

  • Its a watch. It makes no difference


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