Obsessed with my look....what can I do?

I'm really tired of worrying about my face everyday yet I cannot get over it.I guess I'm actually not that confident and every time if I see guys I like, I'm worried they will fine me unattractive. If I go on the street,no body checks me out I'll get all upset...The thing is..I only value face.Not even personality.

I don't need suggestions on makeup whatsoever, cause I don't wanna wear makeup everyday and I think ultimately that can't help me and no matter how I look I always feel insecure about my face. I need other people's comments to value myself but I can't do survey about it anyway.. I tried diverting my attention elsewhere but didn't work...

I don't know how to stop caring?Any constructive advise?


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  • Do you have any other interests or hobbies other than your appearance. It appears you have to much time which you spend obessing about how you look. Try and keep busy, new hobby, do some volunteer work, sport, keep active and hopefully you will stop or cut back on worrying about how you look.

    Appearance will only take you so far, personality, confidence, who you are as a person also plays a part in attraction. If you spend your time self obessing and acting insecure guys will be put off by it. You want to be with fun, happy, secure, confident individuals...


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  • I for once used to feel that way in the past. You walk out the door and there are hundreds of other pretty girls out there and you feel like you're invisible since nobody takes a second look at you.

    This may sound overrated but you'll have to just stop caring about what other people think. You will never be able to truly love yourself, flaws and all, if you're constantly considering people's opinions.

    It takes time and it can't be achieved overnight. It took me months to reach this position where I am now, where I'm able to wake up and know I'm beautiful every single day; with or without makeup, with or without sweatpants.

    You need to get your priorities in life straight. I'm a student and I know that at the moment, that's my biggest priority. Therefore, I can't afford to focus my attention on how people view me. I need to focus on feeling good about myself for ME and not anybody else.

  • What's wrong with make-up? I have worn make-up since I was 13, when I started having mild acne, and it helped me a LOT with how confident I felt about myself. Make up can do wonders for your self-esteem. Honest truth. IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT PROPERLY, IT CAN MAKE YOU LOOK 40% BETTER.

    I think that people who are obsessed about looks usually have an internal problem, issues, they may not want to deal with...for e.g. do you feel like a bad person just for caring about looks? Do you secretly think that this is why you struggle with the opposite sex? If yes, just try to care less about what YOU think about your face, and concentrate on others feedback.