Physically Attractive? Not So Much!!!

does any one else out there think they are not very physically attractive?

I know I'm not attractive...LOL... I have never had a girlfriend or any physical relationships and I'm not worried about that... at 30 I don't even care about not finding that special person... I never had the drive to meet and want to date ever... even as a kid.

I have good friendship with 2 or 3 females and I know better then to even think about them in a physical way because of my looks and my size. So I don't haven a social problem...

At 290 lbs its hard in this world of slim people so I know weight is an issue,. I can already see post saying hit the gym do more to lose some of the weight Lardo Boy!

I do work on my size...but not to get girls but to be healthy

Oh don't get me wrong... I'm not fat I'm just a big dude... always have been which is why no one in high school ever tried to seek me out.

At University same thing not girls to date nor did I try to because I knew the ending of the story before its even told...

I am not the type of person that waste time so 6'1 290... not many people find big dudes that good looking... Just being real!

So my question is I can't be the only one that feels this way about themselves.

To all my nonphysically attractive people... sound off let me hear you... Don't be shy... please share your stories of success and failures.

Thanks so much!


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  • I don't know where to start...i consider myself unattractive on a bad day, average on a good one but I've been told I'm good looking by girls who like me. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I stopped chasing after girls when the chase became sort of mundane, it was the same tactic, same relationship, same breakup and ultimately the same "ima rub my new boyfriend in your face attitude"... I've met a few girls that kept me on my toes and would have loved to date them but they were dating already. others that weren't were trying to get back with the guys that ditched em and were coming to me for help (blech). I luckily have a body most girls consider sexy but my face isn't something that makes front page. I still get girls if I work at unconscious trick is my air of mystery...they ALL wanna know who I am...and I tell em but they don't believe it...well as long as it keeps em around.

    Im like you, I know the ending of the story before it begins but I always give it a shot and 4/5 times...(if not everytime) that stubborness costs me. not many girls can take real guys tho they claim to want that. I've got a question for you...if you like a girl..and then there's just one or two things about her that you don't like..does it turn you off completely?

    • Yes I am stubborn to a fault . Yes If I like a girl I am able to look pass issues except smoking or being an s$$hole. That turns me off. Usually, I don't allow myself to like them at all... because I know the outcome. I have to see obvious sign that there are interested in me, I've never seen that interest. I have had 2 situations where the girl may have been interested but I did not play the game so I lost out before things even got started. I was told that I'm very frustrating.

    • Lol...spice it up with a few lies once in a while...

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  • I don't think I am attractive and have never felt that way. I have had self esteem issues my whole life as a result of external forces within my family and peers in school. I have made some strides with my self esteem, and internal dialogue because now I can actually look in the mirror. However, it is very difficult for me to accept compliments from people, even strangers because I personally think it's a bunch oh bullsh*t.

    In addition, I have struggled with my weight. I know I need to lose about 35 lbs and dieting alone wasn't working. I joined a gym, am dieting and have a trainer. I work very long hours with my jobs but I am determined to meet my goal. I truly have the desire to be happy about something with myself personally.

    I think I am in a better place now then I was before. There is always move for improvement and I constantly seek it out for myself.

    • See I was told that I have self esteem issues... but see that people's opinions ... My closes female friend who has had boy friends since I have known her seem to have the need to tell me that. She says it makes her feel sorry for me but I don't think I have an issue... I just know I don't look hot. But I don't want to look hot to get girls...I just think it would be awesome to have people think I look nice and not have that be an issue. It MUST seem like I have issues... but I don't .. I think

    • I don't know you well enough to discern if it's a self esteem issue for you or not. Perhaps you are just seeking someone to look at you as a man and embrace that..looks, personality etc. instead of holding you to some 'standard' of what makes a guy physically desireable. This is what it sounds like.

  • people tell me that I'm pretty, but I don't attract as many guys as I would like because of my weight. I'm overweight and I wear a size 16. most guys that like me are much older than me. I've tried dating but they all lose interest when a prettier girl comes in the picture, or I can tell they're embarrassed of me and don't really take me out or show me off. I already decided that I'm not going to even think about pursuing anything with guys until I get to a size 10 and below.

    • Yeah... I have to drop down from my 290 and get to about 210. I love fashion so I think once I look good in my clothes and look like I want to in them the I will seem more healthy. Which is the only reason for losing weight in my book. So girls like for guys to show them off? That's the first time I have ever heard that. I know nothing about relationships really.. Sometimes I post like I do... I have opinions but no experience so forgive me if the showing her off this is standard. stay positive

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  • i find myself to be very good looking and women give me complement not all the time but I stopped being flattered long ago. I also am very intelligent and have a big dong so I feel I have a lot going for me. I could be taller, but I can't ask for everything.

    • Haha..i feel you on the taller part...i can only wish

    • You are lucky... you have looks and are big down stairs... I don't have any on that...

  • I am not physically attractive, I am average looking guy but I have been in 5 serious relationships and my 2 ex-girl friends were very Cute, Gorgeous, Attractive and they fell in love with me.

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