Guys: how would you feel?

This guy am talking to we both have feelings for each other and he was flirting with me at work talking about doing me and all. I called him a low down dirty bastard and he was like why did I say that and if I wouldn't have sex with him. I told him no and he was like why and I said because your not appealing. He was kinda surprise and didn't say anything else but I honestly didn't meant it was just kidding. He has a body to die for so I don't know why he would feel bad anyways.


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  • Everything is example here. no actual feelings are toward you. these are just examples. they are a little extreme. Again. just examples.

    have three examples. example number 1. go find your favorite sentimental thing/remember it. no take it and throw it onto the feeway in rushhour traffic. now run in the middle, grab it and run back.

    example 2 if this dudes body is as hot as you say, you have to be physically attractive as well. picture this dude saying with a straight face that you are the ugliest girl in the world, and you should do everyone a favor and throw your face in the deep friar at McDonalds. Why McDonalds? Because your ugliness isn't even worth Deny's

    Examples over.

    example 3 imagine you too are hooking up. it's starting to get real steamy, and you start getting really turned on. he keeps telling you that you are wonderful, beautiful, etc... he backs you up to the bed frame, then without warning, handcuffs you down, brings another girl in, and f***s her right in front of you. making sure you see and hear everything.

    in conclusion, everyone has insecurities, and when they are validated it is ingrained for a long time, you can hear that you are the greatest thing at _____ 1000 times and that you suck at it once, and people will believe the one time. Artists are particularly notorious for this.

    also, how many times have you wondered about being to fat, ugly, short, tall, wide, narrow, hair, shoes, clothes so on and so on. Sorry that the examples are really extreme but a lot of people really feel like they are getting hit by a bus when people talk down on them. Even if it's people that are close to them. Even more if they are intimate with them.

  • That's not flirting is it? DO you allow someone to

    be that rude?

    Or is that okay?

    To talk about doing someone seems out of place even if you are

    talking and getting to know each other...

    Seems like that talk would be something you would do when you have established a

    true relationship...


    • Well we are actually in a relationship but its a bit under cover as I have a man and he has a girl. We have gone out a few times, spend time together at work and we also have sex a couple times. He is always getting all worked up every time he sees me.

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    • Yeah......but would you feel bad if you were in his position tho?

    • Hmmmm It it were me I would hope I knew you well enuff to know you were joking with me. That's the thing I think is tricky about fast pace relationships... do you know each other well? If not the you will have to say you were joking and move forward.

      If I had thought I had hurt your feelings with my crass comment about sex and doing you and all that.. Yes I would feel bad. If I thought I was losing a sex partner then you know how guys are... they will say anything just to get the sex back.

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