Big butts... good or bad?

My friend has a huge butt and all the guys notice her for it, but when you see her in a bathing suit or in shorts its disgusting. Its all cottage cheesy and has tons of cellulite. but it looks great when its in jeans.

So I guess my question is guys, would you find this attractive even after seeing her in a bathing suit etc? Would you be turned off by it?

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  • No it's not attractive, but it wouldn't keep me away.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • As females we are more critical of things such as cellulite, dimples, and fat. Most heterosexual guys could care less about something as natural as cellulite, stretch marks, or scars. It sounds like you might be hating on her a bit, perhaps you are jealous that she may be getting attention that you want for yourself. Guy that like butts usually know that all of them don't look like the ones airbrushed in magazines. So my answer is yes even after all that if they like a big butt and they see it in the bathing suit they will still like it and more than likely they would not be turned off by it--unless they are super superficial. As men get older they realize that people are not perfect and with certain things (big butts) come others things (cellulite) that also realize that butt fat, just as fat anywhere else is fat deposits and fat is not smooth it is lumpy and that is why cellulite forms. Men tend to like the hip and butt area or breast instinctively because those are the areas in which child-bearing occur, that is why your hips spread and you gain more fat in those areas during pregnancy.

    I think that instead of you hating on her you need to work on yourself and acknowledge that you are jealous so you can resolve those issues and keep your friend. Don't get upset with it but why would you care about this unless you were jealous of her getting "all the guys notice." Relax I am sure you get some of that attention too, if not let her reel in the boys for you.

    • You are completely right and I know that I'm jealous. I just hate how I work hard to stay skinny, and she doesn't do anything to stay in shape but still gets noticed way more... and lets just say karma has not done her justice for some of the shady-er things she has done... and I guess I'm just jealous PLUS it seems like the "what goes around comes around" rule never seems to apply to her. But thanks for the advice :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't really look at the ass at all, more of a face and boob guy.

    So no I wouldn't really care.

  • i love a big huge butt and love it so much in fact its nice wen she places that ass on my face naked and i smother in that


What Girls Said 4

  • My guess is that she knows what her bum looks like and doesn't care that she has cellulite. Lots of women do!

    I doubt that guys worth bothering with would care that she had cellulite.

    I don't have a large bum or a small bum - just proportionate but I still have a little it of cellulite.

  • my ass story is just like that huge guys like it so I do my friends are jelous and tell me I need to share with them why don't you just buy butt pads oh and tell her to get swim trunks that what I have to do and guys like that even more so they can uncover it with there eyes

  • i think big butts are ok when they are well trained ;-) but still I am happy that I have a nice small butt

  • lol. That sounds like my ass. But anyways it all depends on the guy. I got a huge ass and don't like it yet guys that I know do.

    p.s. you need to tell her to wear one of those little bathing suit skirt!

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