How to stop just being cute?

I have a lot of guy friends, and some of them are constantly telling me that I'm cute or that I'm pretty. Yet, I'm still single and I can't figure out why. They like my personality well enough as a friend, but how do I get guys to look at me as girlfriend material instead of just their cute buddy?


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  • Hard to tell, but you need to start then being more aggressive. Lets say a guy that you like says that same line to you."oh, you're so pretty, blah blah blha." You can reply with, 'oh, is that your way of asking me out?" You have to remember that a lot of guys are intimidated by the pretty girls, and many are not so brave to ask these girls out. So this could be happening to you, so you have to start flirting a bit more. Now, lets say the guy gets all shy and replies back with, 'well, no I'm not asking you out, I'm telling you that you're pretty.' , so then you can say, 'oh, so you mean I'm not pretty enough for you." Of course, you say these lines smiling and in a joking way, but you might be surprised at the responses you get from these guys. You gotta make it happen also. Don't sit there waiting for stuff to happen! Take action!


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