Is foundation bad for the skin?

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  • no, maybe if it's a cheap one
    the one I have hydrates the skin and is also sfp15 but of course you have to take it off at the end of the day to clean the pores so you don't wake up with zits or blackheads

  • Depends on the foundation and a lot of other factors to me.
    Thick, heavy, full coverage foundations are probably worse for your skin.
    But lots of light foundations and BB contain good ingredients and sunscreen as well (which everyone should be putting on regardless).

    Also, if you wear the foundation for a work day and take it off immediately when you get home and FULLY clean your skin, there should be no issues.
    Leaving your make up on for longer ail make you break out and dull your skin.

    • Will make*

    • BB creams contain*

    • Also- your skin care routine plays a huge role as well.
      Also your diet and how much water you drink.
      It's not all makeup.

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