GAG girls, how do you cope with blackheads?

I've heard that charcoal peel off masks work but I'm not sure. I tried pore strips but they were not that effective. Are there any products you recommend me? If you tried charcoal peel off mask, did it work?


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  • I have really, really sensitive skin so using pore strips and facial masks often make them flare up with acne. My skin is also pretty dry or very oily at times. Usually, I use the Magnolia Orchid Tea Tree cooling mask with is basically a gel-like substance that helps with my acne. It helps a lot to shrink my black heads. (Unfortunately, it IS a mask, so it leaves a whitish residue. So if I need to go out, and you want to deal with your blackheads on a short term here's my next tip.)

    I definitely recommend to drink a TON of water. Though you might see this on a lot of beauty blogs and medical websites, trust me on this. It works. Take a mug of water and just chug that down. Then, do whatever you need to do, and go to the bathroom a little while later, flushing out all of that water you just drank. Drink another mug of water, and repeat that cycle for a couple hours. The next day, my skin was less red, my blackheads had shrunk, and all in all, my skin condition had improved by a ten-fold.

    Additionally, I also have a condition called eczema, which a lot of people have. It basically makes your skin very sensitive and itchy due to the sun or exposure to sweat. Because of this, my doctor gives me "Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP 0.1%" Unfortunately, this cream is only by prescription, and usually, doctors will not prescribe it unless you have eczema. I put it on my skin, not rubbing it in so it can naturally seep into my skin and by the next morning, my face is less red.

    There's also Hydrogen Peroxide (which you can get from a pharmacy or drugstore) which helps to dry out your skin so not as much oil gets trapped in it. WASH YOUR FACE A LOT. It really helps to rid your skin of all the dirt and oil.

    Furthermore, usually blackheads get bigger because you touch your face. So, don't touch your face. Don't scrub your face while washing it, be really gentle so it doesn't get irritated. Try to not use lotion for one day, after washing your face. Sometimes lotions and creams can clog your pores. Don't eat too much chips and fries and oily foods. (You probably knew all of that.)

    I hope I was of help! :)


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  • I don't think the charcoal mask did anything for blackheads... it pulled all the hair off my face and made my skin feel smooth but didn't help blackheads.
    I found a hydrafacial at a salon to be the best on blackheads so far, other than that a good exfoliation scrub after a hot towel

  • Honestly, I never noticed my or anyone else's blackheads until they started advertising charcoal face wash. I use it to get rid of face oil. But nothing has permanently removed my blackheads. They happen when oil gets trapped on the skin. So if you remove oil in the most effected places, they might become less noticeable. I don't worry about it anymore. They're not a big deal.

  • This sounds gross but I tried an egg white peel off mask as a DIY, and it worked great actually. You just whip egg whites and apply a few layers , letting them dry in between, and let it sit for around 15 mins. Peel off when completely dried and its supposed to pull out any blackheads. It worked better then pore strips for black heads.

  • Try coffee with milk mask, it lightens the scars, it's more gentle. Wash with cold water

    Put a cotton cloth in freezer and use it on your face

    Use rice water as toner

    Use coconut oil as cream

    Protect yourself from the sun, wear sun hat, sun glasses etc

    Drink lemon water

    Drink lots of water

    Make sure you are never constipated

    Don't smoke

    Eat foods with collagen, bones etc

  • Egg white peel worked good on my nose. (I used an egg white and then soaked a tissue in it an let it dry on my nose before peeling the tissue off)

    I also use witch hazel or alcohol to dry out deeper blackheads and then a peel on those as well.

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