What's your favorite beauty tricks?

Mine is hair and clothing.

After I decided to grow out my hair and planned to go for shoulder length (I'm still growing it out), I've seen significant changes. My face looks slimmer and lesser round. A person I knows said to me it looked like I've lost some weight. I've always been slim and have never struggled with overweight. But my face looked round and I had other facial flaws that's lesser visible with long hair. My hair do now reach my jawline.

I wears clothes I loves. It makes me comfortable and confident. In addition I wears clothing I suits. I wears much black, blue and gray, because I thinks it suits me.
What's your favorite beauty tricks?#Beauty


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  • I love using coconut oil on my hair and castor oil on my brows and lashes. Once a month I apply egg whites to my roots and mayo to my ends, gives me amazing hair strong from roots and conditioned at the ends.

    A garlic clove can calm down the big angry pimples overnight, and lemon and honey mask is amazing for having brighter glowing nourished skin. Aloe Vera can moisturize and soothe the skin and make it look smooth and hydrated.

    Although I have super oily skin, I mix almond oil with my moisturizer because it actually keeps my face less oily and more moisturized. The theory is that oil doesn't moistiruze the skin but rather holds the existing moisture, so because it holds the moisture, the skin doesn't dry out and produce more oil and my face remains less oily.

    I always keep a big bottle beside me when I'm on gag or watch YouTube that I can keep sipping lazily. I'm never dehydrated.


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