Why do girls sometimes not reply on Facebook?

I don't know what it is, but if I write on my guy friends wall they always respond promptly. If I write on my female friends walls some of them reply and others just don't at all.

Is there something that they only reserve prompt replies to their boyfriend and other girl friends.

I just think it is rude, its not like I'm flirting with them, it could be just a simple question.

Im thinking they do it, to reinforce they aren't interested in you.


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  • um I would think they probably have nothing to say to you. like sometimes if someone comments something its kind of no way to reply to that so you just don't say anything. that or they don't want to talk to you. or sometimes their boyfriend might not want them to talk to guys on Facebook especially if there is a chance you might be interested in them or their boyfriend thinks so

    • Thats why I usually put questions so they have a reason to answer. For example, I have this good friend, that was in Europe for half a year. I told her that I would give her a call soon, so I asked , when are you most free soon? She hasn't answered back yet.

      I would at least answer back something.

    • lol that's exactly why she's not answering back...cuz she doesn't want to hang out with you.

      especially where everyone can read it. its kinda creepy asking a girl on a public wall...talk to her in private, have a connection, THEN if you see it went well, as her on a date

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  • First – keep in mind that it is impossible to get EVERY girl to accept your Friends Request, but you can definitely improve your “response rate” if you a) send a request to the RIGHT kind of girl, that is more probable to click “Confirm” and b) make your Profile more appealing.

    What’s going on in a girls mind, when she sees your request?

    She’ll think “Ok, ANOTHER guy that I DO NOT KNOW and have NO mutual Friends with, that’s from ANOTHER state and has absolutely no connection with me wants to have sex with me, even though I ALREADY have a boyfriend that I’m not interested in cheating on – should I click “Confirm”? The logical answer is NO. She probably won’t. So – BEFORE you send any girl a Friends Request – try to THINK like she would think. It’s hard to do that if you don’t know anything about her, but USE the information that is freely displayed (if there is any) on her Profile to figure out how she might be thinking.

    Naturally, it is a lot easier to get your request accepted if you ever met the girl in real life, or have some mutual friends. But even then – it’s possible she’ll ignore you. If you meet in real life – make a GOOD impression – and DO NOT make her feel as if giving you her number (don’t ask for it! – ask for her surname, it’s less threatening if you don’t know whether she’s interested yet). Anyway – “Will me giving this guy my number, or accepting his Friends Request transmute into him HARASSING ME, ASKING ME DUMB QUESTIONS and TRYING TO PICK ME UP – where I’ll have to politely tell him to F*** OFF since I’m not interested?” – if you give off an impression like that, she’ll hardly even think about accepting your Friends Request – let alone sending you one herself.

    So – be approachable, and don’t be an annoying f*** that is ONLY thinking about how to get her in bed.

    Next – FIX your profile picture, and your basic info that everyone can see without being your friend. If you are at least A BIT interesting and have a personality (don’t try too hard though) – girls that don’t know you, and have no mutual friends, might even accept your request. If you add a nice message to it – your chances can further increase.

    TRUST is a big thing here, she needs to trust – that you’re not “just another sucker” that will bore her. Analyze her before you send a Friends Request, try to think like she would think – make your profile more appealing, non-threatening and relaxed – even better, be UNIQUE, capture her imagination. If you need more tips, check out this ----> link

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