What color pomade should I get?

Currently use NYX blonde pomade but I'm going to get Anastasia pomade soon and I am deciding between blonde or taupe and I was wondering what you guys think would go better with my face (pictures provided) only answer if you are good with make up please or have used either of the colors What color pomade should I get?What color pomade should I get?What color pomade should I get?


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  • It's very hard to tell... I have the anastasia pomade in taupe and my eyebrows are a bit darker than yours, but I have blonde hair (dirty blonde). Honestly if you can go to sephora and have them test it on you or try it yourself! You will get a better understanding of what looks best up close in front of a mirror, or from the makeup artist. Don't listen to the Internet's opinion, buy the wrong one... those things are expensive!!! lol

    • Yea I would but the nearest sephora near me is 35 minutes away and I don't have a license yet so I would have to make my grandma take me and I hate asking her to drive me to the mall so I don't know I guess I'll just get blonde or both I don't know

    • I understand. do you have Jcpenny where you live? a lot of them have sephoras in them.

    • Yea it's 35 minutes away at the same mall

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