Do you believe that being average (in looks) is worse than being ugly?

Yes. Because ugly people, even though they are ugly, they can still be unique, many of them. Take for example Shane Macgowan from The Pogues. He's ugly af but he is unique with his lack of teeth, so he can still gain attention because of this feature.

Being average means, you'll pass unnoticed, hench it's worse than being ugly.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • not true... With average you can easily "pimp' yourself up. If you put a famous punk musician, then cosider some 80s metal people - most of them, without all the fancy clothes, long hair and make p would look completel average. Hardly any of them (ok, one in five, cos they needed a hot chick-like thing on vocals) looked anyhow extraordinary... Now, those among them who were "natually" ugly, could only aspire as high as to be average...

  • No, that makes zero sense


Most Helpful Guys

  • How about you get a personality. Your looking at the looks too much. Ugly people get attention because they usually have to have a personality from an early age in order to talk to anyone. That's why a lot of super hot people are boring as fuck to talk to. Than you have the ugly teens who develop a personality and than turn into hot people, they are the perfect ones.

    • To be honest I care more gaining attention because of my looks, because it's the first thing people see on you.

    • Than have fun getting women. They fall in love between their ears. And also, you care way too much about attention and what others think. That actually had the opposite affect. You will repel people. The people who don't give a fuck are the ones people want to be around

  • No i don't believe so


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  • I'm 0/10 and I believe what you said is bullshit


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