I lost a bet with a woman at work. What would you if you were her?

I lost a bet to a woman at work. What would you do?

I lost a bet with a woman at work. I only made the bet because A. I figured she wouldn't make me do it for more than a day, if at all and B. Even if she did I figured my boss wouldn't allow it. Apparently, I was wrong on both counts. Anyway, I have to wear a skirt or dress and heels as long as she wants. How long do you think it will be/should be? Luckily the company dress code will keep me out of anything too ridiculous.


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  • I think you should go out dressed! It would be more fun. One of my best friends is a drag queen. Sooo much fun!!

    • You mean other than work?

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    • No reason, I guess, at this point. I will be at this for 6 weeks or so anyway.

    • i guess 6 weeks wouldn't seem too long to you then, lol. How long would you make it?

  • That's weird that your boss would allow something like that at work. It's not very professional at all.


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