What do guys and girls think about females who like to look at other females?

I have always been the type of girl that gets along better with guys. I like going to hooters and I enjoy strip clubs. I am by no means bi-sexual (happily married for 4 years) I just find the female body to be a beautiful work of art. My female friends seem to think I am weird while my husband and male friends like the fact that I can go out with them and just chill. I am not a jealous women and I encourage my husband to look at other women if he wants, just wondering why females think I am crazy. What do you think?


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  • The fact that you are hanging out with them is fine there's nothing wrong with that but letting him see other girls is like letting him cheat on you. lets just say no women would like to see their man with another girl or even checking out another girl infront of them its fine if they are talkin/checking out girls with his friends we know its a guys thing but infront of us? ovbiously we will be upset/jealous about it. its the same as when guys don't like their girls with other guys or another guy calling them at 2 am in the morning? If you want to keep your relationship open and free of rules then find out if your husband has no problem when another guy is checking you out and he's all over you like flirting, hugging, kissing etc. If you try this act make sure you do it when you are alone with him. and if he reacts differently than you do then you should be upset and make it a rule that he can't check out other girls he can't do the same if your not allowed to right? its not fair

    • Whoa he does not see other females, I just don't get upset when he looks at other women. Looking is not cheating. He also has no problem with me getting attention from other guys, he actually feels a sense of pride knowing that he is taking me home not them. We feel there is no crime in looking. I don't get upset when he looks at other women at all.

    • Oh ok then you have no problem if your husband is fine with you getting attention from other guys and your fine with him looking at other women, then really you don't have a problem your just concerned about what your friends think just ignore thier comments and if it gets to you tell them off , this is your life. and if between you and your husband everything is fine then really they have know right budding in and telling you what to say and what not to say if you listen to them that will really

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  • continuing...

    your relationship. I know as friends their giving you advice and their concerned he will take this to far assure them you know him well and that he won't do that. Your just letting their comments affect you just remember who's more important your relationship with your husband or what your friends say

  • i don't have a problem with how you do things I would just think you were a wee bit crazy because its almost like you're pushing temptation onto your husband when you encourage him to look at other women...he's a man, he's gonna look at other women regardless but to encourage him? I don't know I just wouldn't want to set myself up to be cheated on or to get my husband into a compromising situation but on the other hand its good that your not insecure

    • I guess I should have worded it different. I know he is a man and will look and I am not so blind as to think I am the only female he will ever look at. I just choose not to be be a jealous girl that throws a fit if her man's eyes wonder. Example of this would be going to the strip club. I am confident in myself as a woman and his partner and I know that what I do for him will keep him satisfied. I also know that marriage is sacred to him and he would never cheat so that is never a concern