Wearing diapers at youth group? Do you think this goes too far?

"A skit at a local Christian youth group meeting had teenage boys taking off some of their clothes, wearing adult diapers, bibs and bonnets and being spoon-fed by girls as they sat in their laps."

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  • It is just youth group fun. Most people at church are fine with it, and if you aren't, you say "no." And if people say you are chicken, say "no." It isn't like anyone is holding a gun to their head. And you don't know what the purpose of the skit was, the youth pastor may have been trying to prove a point other than just to make kids laugh. On top of that, the kid said he was having fun. If the kid is okay with it, I don't see where the problem is. People get too worked up, seriously, if you have been to an average youth group, weird stuff like this wouldn't really surprise you. Yes, it is less common, but it happens. As long as the kids feel okay about it, it is fine. I don't see why people have an issue with it.


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