Tattoos / Piercings?

Hi! so, like every other person, I'll ask this. But mine is a little different...

I would absolutely LOVE to get real snakebites (it is 2 lip piercings, for those who don't know), but I know it's bad in the long run (work, future husband, etc). So, I have bought fake ones. For guys who like them, is it a turn off if they're fake, or does it not matter? They look pretty real, anyways..

And I usually absolutely HATE the idea of a tattoo, but I've been getting extremely passionate about music, and I have an entire... tattoo idea set up . I was thinking about getting it behind my ear, so it's not too noticeable . is it still a complete turn off, of does it just not do anything?



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  • Piercings past the ears, tonge and belly button have always been too much for me but I love girls with tattoos. they've got to be the right type in the right place kind of tattoo not like a skull or anchor on the forearm. I've always seen tattoos as body art so if there's nothing artistic about the tattoo then its a pointless tattoo to me. I've got 8 and regret maybe half of them for lack of creativity and I've loved them from a young age ever since I watched my dad do one on himself and tell me the stories behind his. If your not sure about the tattoo, don't bother getting it done but if you do I'd recommend getting it somewhere that's easy to keep covered.


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  • if you hate the idea of a tattoo, why are you thinking of getting one.

    • I meant, as a rule. On myself, due to I might regret it in the future. But I've just been getting urges to get one.. I should have worded that diffrently. XD

    • It still doesn't make sense. no offense. if its a rule and you think you'll regret it, why get one or think of it.