Girls, Have you girls ever know a guy like that at school, so you put on 1 of these just to see?

You ever knew a guy in school who swore up and down he wasn't about the looks, suspecting he was a player, so you decided to see by wearing 1 of these to school so when he came up to you... the result was?
  • Never knew a guy like that in school/I did, but didn't test him like this/I tried to, but he DID ignore it, I couldn't get him
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  • Yep. Nike tempo shorts, his eyes went straight to my legs/booty, jaw went O.. o! He was full of crap
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  • Yep. Super tight jeans. His eyes went straight to my booty, then legs, jaw dropped hard O.. o! Ugh, that's what I thought!
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  • Yep. Black leggings. Tried, but can't ignore it. Eyes down to my legs, booty, jaw dropped O... o! Nice try creep!
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  • Yep. Nike tempo shorts. he tried... BARLEY ignored my legs, but he struggled hard. Good effort though.
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  • Yep. Black leggings. He tried HARD, BARLEY ignored my booty&legs in em... He did ok.
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  • Never did


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