I'm in my late 20s...but I still like to bleach my hair - Just worried about looking immature/gay?

All the way through high school to college and after I have been bleaching my hair. Reason being is I have a weird hair color that is a combo of red, brown and some blond. To be honest the natural color looks like sh*t. People accuse me of being ginger/irish (which I'm not). A lot of people said blond looks good.

I AM NOT GAY AT ALL! I am a very masculine/tough guy. However I feel like I can't get away with this anymore since I'm getting older. I try to make my hair look naturally blond as possible (highlights...etc).

Any advice?


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  • i say do whatever makes you feel good about yourself. keep dying it blonde if you think it looks good. making yourself look good equals making yourself feel good which in turn makes you more confident, and confidence is super sexy. screw the people that have something negative to say about it, they are probably just insecure about themselves.

    • I completly agree.

    • It does make me more confident. I feel like it brings out a more dynamic me.

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  • i get the feeling when guys call other guys "gay" they are jealous because they are good looking. so take that as a good thing lol

    my type has always been guys with bleach blonde highlights, the california looking type.. & spikey hair. they stick out, and it shows they care about their looks. so yeah spikey hair, lots of highlights..and a tan to go along with that is hottness


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  • i think that your attitude towards your personal appearance is immature and gay. a real man doesn't give two **** about how other people perceive him. you claim to have all of these traits of masculinity and "tough guy", but those comments alone suggest insecurity about your personal appearance which is generally a trait most commonly seen amongst women. re think what your doing. nobody gives a sh*t about your hair. its the man that's inside that captivates the woman.

    • I don't have f***ing attitude in public about this. You are a 19 year old kid so you can get away with all sorts of sh*t. Try acting that way 10 years from now and you don't have as much leeway as you used to.

  • If it works for you then keep dying your hair. Personnally I think you have grown out of that look.

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