What do guys mostly look for in a girl? girly, funny, kind etc.

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  • Umm, the first thing I look for is her smile. I want to see how her smile accentuates her and the sound of her laugh.

    Then I like to find out what she likes and how she is overall, more of a personality type of thing. Usually the traits I like in a girl are as follows:

    a) Loves music and singing

    b) Strong willed and opinionated

    c) Can take care of herself and others

    d) Genuine

    e) Has a way to make me feel comfortable with her


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  • I want a girl who: Likes to smile, likes to do good and change the world, likes to be with me and explore new things with me all the time.

  • I would like a girl that could handle anything... weather it be outdoor activities ect.


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